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Buckley concerned by Magpies

Sportal August 26, 2012, 10:01 am
Nathan Buckley

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Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has questioned the psyche of his team after their 49-point loss to West Coast on Saturday night.

The Magpies made a dominant start to the match and had the first five scoring shots of the game before they allowed the home side back into the contest.

Buckley said he would not look to make personnel changes but rather address his team's mindset.

"I'm talking about psyche, the psyche of our team and the belief of our team," he said.

"We've played some pretty good football this year. We've played some poor football in recent weeks.

"We played some really good footy in the first quarter tonight, which was evidence that when we set our mind to the task we can execute what we want to execute.

"Ultimately as the game wore on, West Coast outlasted us, outworked us, outstayed us, and that was the tale of the tape."

Buckley made reference to Collingwood's win over Sydney a fortnight ago and put last week's loss to North Melbourne and this week's against West Coast down to the mental approach of his team.

Key forwards Travis Cloke and Chris Dawes were again kept quiet and held goalless by West Coast's defense.

But Buckley said it was not just about the two forwards.

"Belief becomes a massive thing for any athlete," he said.

"When you play a team sport, I think the belief of the team becomes paramount as well.

"That mental attitude either allows you to find that physical toughness you need to get through a game of footy and at the moment either individually or collectively we don't have that.

"We're a week away from a final series and we've got to find it in a hurry."

The Magpies missed Darren Jolly (soreness) as Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui dominated Cameron Wood in the ruck to win the hit outs 60-12, which established the basis for the Eagles' midfield performance.

Jolly is expected to return for next week's match and Buckley said there were some good performances in the VFL.

"Personnel wise, you saw pretty much our best 22 on the park tonight, which makes it even more disappointing," he said.

"(Jolly) should be right. Ultimately, he's carried soreness through the whole year and he's come up well, particularly fresh, after some spells that we've been able to give him and have really been forced upon him.

"All being well, you'd expect that he'll be in the mix.

Collingwood expect to get skipper Nick Maxwell (hip/groin) back for next week's match against Essendon as they look to regain the top four spot they relinquished to the Eagles.

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  1. John04:45pm Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Dont blame the players buckley has got the knoweldge and never will to make match winning moves collingwood supporty of 40 years

  2. Phil F03:38pm Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Buckley shouldve dropped cloak and dawes weeks ago and tried someone else to kick goals..cloaky wants million bucks on this performance ha..let him go, get fev and still have heaps $ left to sign some more good forwards.

  3. garys01:03pm Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    i love bucks and i dont want malthouse back

  4. Lewis12:28pm Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    just like to thank Eddie for proving he is the biggest tool of them all. changed a winning formula to a average team well done Eddie hope it was well worth screwing all your collingwood supporters so you could look after your love child (buckley) ... move of the century NOT...

  5. Rick Carter12:11pm Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    buckley is enougher tony shaw couldnt coach his way out of paper bag and will takes to a wooden spoon . if eddie doesnt go next year there is some thing wrong ,sad to see a so good play so bad

  6. underarm_bowler11:44am Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Better to finish 5th than 4th as then get a home final. Unless hawks finish top and can't see pies beating them

  7. gotit i10:59am Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Gee Bucks you are confident of regaining top 4 spot, just hope that west Coast loose next week and we win then you have a top 4 spot but if W/C win, by god the boys will have to win BIG, and on their performance you can kiss it goodby.. Last nights game was an absolute disgrace, what the hell is wrong with your key forwards, do they want a Milloin dollars to perform, get rid of them if that the case.

  8. Alan10:56am Sunday 26th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    eddie, biggest mistake you ever made sacking mick malthouse, get him back now , sack buckley ,daws & cloke, any coach who blames his entire team's psyche doesn't deserve to be in charge of this once great team. cloke i;m sorry to is not worth the 5 years and millions of dollars payment let him go.

    3 Replies