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Sheedy offers Scully encouragement

Sportal June 25, 2012, 9:23 am
Tom Scully

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Greater Western Sydney coach Kevin Sheedy was pleased with the way Tom Scully handled himself in his first match against his former club and expects fans to soon forget he once played for the Demons.

Scully, who was selected by Melbourne with the first pick in the 2009 Draft, was greeted with a chorus of boos every time he got the ball.

He gathered eight touches early, but faded from then on to finish with 19 as the Giants were belted by 78 points.

"I told him to go out and enjoy the game and don't worry about it. Fans are missing him obviously but you can't be worried about what the fans say. They love the game and they'd love to see their club not lose good players," Sheedy said.

"What's wrong with a few boos and hisses? That happened all my life. Who cares? As a matter of fact you should really antagonise them just to make sure you do enjoy it.

"Sooner or later it will be like Anthony Rocca (for Collingwood) on Anzac Day against Essendon. Everybody forgets he was actually selected by Sydney."

Sheedy is also expecting a big future from Scully with the 21-year-old ready to shine in the coming years.

"Tom Scully is basically a first-year player and his 30 games playing at Melbourne before he came over to us wouldn't have been a hell of a lot," Sheedy said.

"He's learning and building up his body to get a bigger frame and all that sort of development that you do is probably going to come between 20 and 24.

"When he comes to his 50 to 100 games like a lot of the Melbourne boys have, he will only get better."

The Giants made a solid start with five of the first eight goals, but the Demons booted 15 of the next 16 goals to completely obliterate the competition new boys.

Sheedy said it was a familiar story for his side and hopes to get a four-quarter performance from his young chargers.

"Just in the middle games a couple of times we've let ourselves down and it's probably more to do with concentration in different areas of the game in regards to stoppages and centre bounces," he said.

"It's probably just a young team (which) struggles to play 120 minutes and that's where we are."

"We're just not putting the four quarters together which is a bit disappointing and our players will learn by that. Sooner or later you'll get sick of chasing in that middle of the game."

Sheedy also said the experience his players gained by playing on the MCG will be a great benefit for his side moving forward.

"I think it was very important for us today that our players actually got to play on the MCG. That's a hell of a difference from Skoda Stadium where they played last week," he said.

"I think they'll understand the extra running and spreading from stoppages, just how super fit you've got to be when you're playing on a ground like the MCG."

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  1. greg c04:37pm Monday 25th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    give me 1 good reason why Scully should have stayed with Melbourne? To play under a guy like Mark Neeld or play under a master like Kevin Sheedy and get paid a bucket load of money. Demons arent gonna win a flag anytime in the next 10 years because they'd been below mediocre and have been for the last 40 years. Melb fans can trash Scully all they want yesterday, but where are they on the ladder? What a joke

  2. raymond d12:42pm Monday 25th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Typical Sheedy spin and as for not worrying about the fans well Sculley would not be getting the millions he is being paid without them.....

  3. mathew11:23am Monday 25th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    As Scully gets better and fills the shoes of potential he has, the resentment and anger will grow accordingly. Good try Sheeds. But Melbourne will never forget. On the other hand do I feel sorry for Melbourne that they lost Scully? Absolutely not. They tanked matches to gain priority picks. We all know it!

  4. Thea10:48am Monday 25th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Scully a first year player ? this is his third season playing AFL. Yeah Sheeds the fans will forget? same as the Eagles fans forgot about Judd ! I do not think so.