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    24 Jan 2010

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    Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 11:21

    I haven't reviewed them all yet but, one I see as welcome, is to penalise players who deliberately drags or holds the ball under a Player tackled.
    One I am a little cold on is the Boundary Umps awarding frees.
    Another I support is the Goal Umps being allowed to call for Vid Reviews if available.
    As for a free kick against the last player to make contact with the Ball before it goes out of bounds... There are some "disclaimers here!"
    Wonder how long before this degenerates into the stop start mess that NFL can become!?
    28 Jul 2009

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    Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 11:28

    Those rules are for the preseason only. SOme good changes to the tribunal though, as a result ofBAkers suspension..but i think he deserved what he got
    20 Oct 2008

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    Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 12:52
    The free against a player who last makes contact of the ball is stupid. You will see players with the ball on the boundary handballing into their opposition to get a free kick! Soccer players do it all the time, kick it into the legs of players near the line so they get the throw in. Is this the way we want it to go in footy?
    09 Oct 2008

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    Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 21:18

    5.    Last touch out of bounds
    To be trialled in the first round of matches only, a free kick will be paid against the last player to touch the ball before it went out of bounds. A free won’t be paid if the umpire is unable to determine who touched the ball last, if the ball goes out of bounds from a spoil after a marking contest or if the ball goes out of bounds as a result of a defensive smother to a kick or a handball.


    i'm guessing that last part should come into things a lot if teams are going to try to intentionally handball or kick into the opposition.

    I don't like the rule, i think its stupid and it appears to be an over reaction from the AFL in response to the deliberate out of bounds rule - the one involving Aker where he kicked it 50m but it was called deliberate. All they are doing here is saying you have to make every effort possible to keep the ball in play instead of kicking it long to the wing and hoping it just out runs a teammate or opposition.
    24 Jan 2010

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    Posted Fri 17 Dec 2010 04:53
    I agree Brat... as I said, with some "disclaimers!"
    In the end, it is about satisfying the "Major Shareholders", the owners of the Television Rights. Thus the growing interchange, the Vid reviews and the Star billings for Umps and "Assistant" Umps on the boundaries. There is also a growing trend towards sanitizing thuggery, why then is it OK for some to clearly roundhouse belly shot for some, and not others.
    In the end, they want a fast flowing skillful array of glittering Starlets providing the Super Stars with a platform to exhibit their exceptional brilliances and sheer athletiscism. Brendan Goddard was like a figure tragic such as portrayed by Crowe in Gladiator. Brave, powerful, indestructable, a pillar against the Hordes. And he was! A bit like Aker when Port "snatched" their Flag.
    It is a sound approach as the AFL seeks to engrave a niche' in the Modern Arena of electronic subscriptions. It isn't a Cage Fight, or Lingerie Footy, but somewhere betwixt. I am simply hoping this fast paced evolution doesn't bypass the Traditions of a "uniquely tribal" contest that had more than a slim trace of sportmanship and decency.
    Will the Franchise arrangements and Gambling create a Monster or Organised Criminal influences, who can really tell. Punting is a traditional Aussie obsession, it is just a little more sophisticated now! So Jockeys, Boxers and Footballers cannot be seen to Bet anymore than Ashes Cricketers or Sub Continental Cricketers can, is a "Career" choice like substance abuse and Heavy Industry Workers. At the game, there is a live stream of odds for the result whilst the game is in Progress, that's a bit like organised caterers selling Condoms at the School Ball huh!
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