AFL's Judd call wrong

Peter Keenan November 19, 2012, 11:07 am

The AFL in my opinion has a bit of egg on its face over Chris Judd.

With the draft less than a week away and Carlton having to get their list finalised as they decide who they can and can't keep, they've been told they've got to fit $200,000 into their salary cap.

Why this year? Why not when he first did the deal? Why say yes one year and no the next?

Do we know that Judd doesn't do any work for Visy or does he turn up at 8am, take a couple of hours off to train and then go back to work for the rest of the day?

What does he do? He's supposed to be an environmental officer, an ambassador for the company.

Judd hasn't got that many years left in him as a player so maybe he might be developing a career.

There's got to be life after football so for this champion, maybe Visy could be his life.

They're paying him a high executive's wage of $200,000 but is he worth it or is it a scam?

The league obviously think it's a scam and want it in the Blues' salary cap.

I've said g'day to Judd once in my life so I don't know him and therefore could not say if he's a whiz kid with senior management potential but I do know that when he was at school he did very well in his VCE at Caulfield Grammar.

And he might end up a very high executive in the Visy Board company.

But don't change the goal posts halfway through a game.

It's not fair on Judd's team-mates nor Judd or the Carlton Football Club.

It should have been ruled out from the first go or left to run its course.

It will be interesting times down at Carlton.

Some people might find their contracts will have to be re-jigged and someone might really have to get a job and be an ordinary citizen.

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  1. Buzz07:22pm Monday 19th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Spot-on Crackers! (no clue Condom) Should never have been allowed in the first place but seeing as it was, the contract period should be left to run it's course.