Nathan Buckley has been superb

Peter Keenan September 17, 2012, 1:24 pm
Nathan Buckley has been superb

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Regardless of what happens on Friday night, Nathan Buckley has done a very good job with Collingwood Football Club in 2012.

Not that you would ever hear his ex-coaching mentor Mick Malthouse give him any praise.

He's had discipline issues with Dane Swan, form issues with Daisy Thomas and others and of course the Travis Cloke contract saga, but somehow Buckley has kept the ship on the straight and narrow.

Most people love to hate the Magpies and some people think their fans are obnoxious.

I spent 10 years at Victoria Park and I know about the culture at the club.

The never-say-die culture at Collingwood has never left them, even though there's not much about the old Collingwood left at Collingwood.

Bucks is probably the only one left form Leigh Matthews' time but they never give up and never stop trying.

Will they beat the Swans? No one knows.

The sad death of John McCarthy will inspire some of them and probably distract a few.

It was a terrible thing that happened, especially as I've known the boy since he was born 22 years ago.

I'm a family friend of his father, am godfather to one of his daughters and he is likewise godfather to one of my sons.

Nothing will bring John back but I just hope that the club remember the four years he had there and play accordingly.

This is tragic in the football world and I hope it never gets repeated.

Do I think the Magpies can win the premiership? No I don't but I do think they will have a very good try at getting there.

Buckley will not be considered for coach of the year, Sanderson will probably get that accolade.

But he has grabbed the reins that Malthouse reluctantly left him and he has done a good job.

All the rumours of the players not playing for him he well and truly put to rest on Saturday night.
It was a courageous effort over the well-fancied Eagles that catapulted them into a preliminary final.

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  1. Terry05:59pm Wednesday 19th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Go the pies and stick it up Malthouse it is what he deserves and Crackers you are correct MM would never praise Buck,s it would be like admitting Collingwood did the right thing changing coaches.A sad day tomorrow for the family the club and the players some of whom were very close to Jmac. Godspeed John.