Hawks will fly higher than Eagles

Dennis Cometti August 31, 2012, 11:53 am

Goes without saying, West Coast will want to win this game so they can finish in the top four and get a second chance in the finals.

Even if they do lose, they may still finish in that top four if Collingwood lose to Essendon but that looks unlikely with the Pies desperate to show something heading into the finals.

But whether they can win in Melbourne against a hot Hawthorn team is the question.

The Hawks win over Sydney last week was just terrific. They are red hot.

The Eagles, their record on the road has been pretty bad lately. They are certainly not the team of the mid-2000s who could win anywhere.

This team can play well at home but whether they will ever be able to do what their 2005-06 counterparts on the road, it is very unlikely. They just do not have the calibre of players that that team did.

So I really think West Coast have their backs to the wall this week.

Obviously they have Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui and they will be better than anyone the Hawks can throw at them and they also come in with Daniel Kerr and Matt Priddis in some really good form.

Those two can set up a game and prove pretty awkward for any opposition.

But the Hawks are just too strong around the ground.

Hawthorn is the strongest overall team and at their best they are the best in the competition by quite a margin.

I have been saying this for quite a while now, but they are going to be very hard to beat.

Buddy’s return last week is huge for them as well.

He was kept quiet in the first term but he had a brilliant second quarter and was the difference between the two teams when the Hawks began their big comeback.

Even good players need a bit of confidence and once a couple of things fell in his lap in that second quarter, well then he was away.

They have to prevent him getting the ball as much as possible and make sure if he does get it that he is well up the field.

Eric McKenzie will probably get Buddy and he is a good player who kept Travis Cloke goalless last week.

But Franklin is a lot more agile than Cloke and McKenzie is better suited body to body.

So I think it will be up to his team mates to help stop the ball getting to Buddy in the first place and getting back to help out over the back as well.

But McKenzie on Buddy, one on one, the Eagle will lose more than he wins and if Buddy gets his hands on it a few times early it could be a long night for West Coast.

If the Hawks can come close to breaking even on the ball their mid-field should produce more than enough chances to win.

For me though, the Hawks should win this by 30-40 points.

'''Friday Night Football

Hawthorn v West Coast'''

Melbourne 7.30pm LIVE on Channel 7
Adelaide 7pm LIVE on Channel 7
Perth 7pm on Channel 7
Sydney 7.30pm LIVE on 7mate
Brisbane 7.30pm LIVe on 7mate

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  1. winp01:25pm Friday 31st August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    hawks by a country mile,go brown and gold.

  2. Daggers01:28pm Friday 31st August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    As a Hawk fan, I'm just happy that its on free TV. without foxtel, I've seen them play maybe 3times all season. And yet they broadcast the likes of Gold Coast, Melbourne, Bulldogs & GWS, all of whom are bottom of ladder. Doesnt make sense.