Kieren Jack: Geelong will put up a Cat fight

July 12, 2012, 4:08 pm

Kieren Jack

Friday night footy is a rarity in Sydney, at least in the AFL.

Lastn year we played one game under lights at the end of the work week, but nwere shut down by the weather gods and a small engagement over in the nUK, otherwise known as Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

This time around should be a different story.

In am tipping tonight's game against Geelong will be an absolute cracker, nhopefully ensuring Friday night fixtures becomes a lot more common next nseason.

Over 30,000 fans are expected at the SCG, with a national naudience into the hundreds of thousands. Playing the defending premiers nat home, under lights, with that kind of crowd will be very special.

It doesn't get much bigger!

In a plus for our side, we're welcoming back small forward Ben McGlynn, as well as our skipper, Adam Goodes.

Goodsey's absence over the last six weeks has been well documented, but in a strange way, I think it has helped our side.

Everyonen knows what the big man brings to the table. He excels in almost all npositions and brings tremendous leadership and experience to the playingn group.

Without him though, we have been forced to lift.

We nhaven't been able to rely on him to get us out of tough spots, or win usn games at the death. We haven't been able to count of him to drag ndefenders away and free up space in key areas.

Come finals time, nthe teams that are still going late into September are the ones with nstrength all over the park. Individual brilliance of course comes into nplay, but it takes far more than one or two superstars to win a flag.

Lookingn ahead to the Cats, it's hard to find any weakness in their side. nEverywhere you look you see Premiership-winning players.

They're a quality team, but like our preparation each week, we haven't focussed too much on the opposition.

Alln of us came back feeling fresh and ready to go after the bye round, off nthe back of a big win against the Bombers in Melbourne.

I feel we're ready for another season-defining performance and with the bounce now only a few hours away, I can't wait.

Cheers, Kizza