The gap between rich and poor widening

Peter Keenan March 5, 2012, 12:02 am

The weekend illustrated just how much the AFL clubs fall into two categories: the haves and the have nots.


have nots get the bus, stay overnight at Wangaratta and go and put on
an intra-club exhibition game while the poor old AFL supporters of
Wangaratta sit there and get wet watching.

Of course I'm talking about the non-Essendon arrival debacle.

will defend themselves saying they had permission from the AFL, had a
six-day turnaround and didn't want their players in a bus.

Maybe the accommodation wasn't up to their lofty standards.

airlines said they were safe to travel but it is history now that they
couldn't land and football was the loser in the northeast.

The AFL didn't know what to do.

They were originally going to give them two points each and then they gave them all to St Kilda.

be perfectly clear on this though, the footy clubs today treat the NAB
Cup as practice games only and not anything to get your knickers in a
knot about.

The only problem for Essendon is that they might have been able to sell a few memberships but they won't sell many up there now.

It just seems to me that it's all about 'we've got the money, we can travel first class'.

It's like Collingwood, 'we've got the money, we can go to Arizona, we can do anything we like, we ooze cash'.

The richer clubs just get richer and the borderline ones, well they ride the buses of this world.

only interesting thing about this is Geelong, the powerhouse side, when
they have a camp they go to Torquay and don't worry too much about
flying here and flying there and having rubdown beds on the way home
from Perth.

Everybody tells you you've got to spend $45 million to win a premiership and this is out of the reach of some clubs.

But the Essendon debacle was a case of the rich and powerful falling at a hurdle for the first time in a long time.

Meanwhile in 152 years of football I have never heard of a football club paying an opposition player to play against them.

great Brendan Fevola, who's been controversial all his life, will
actually get paid by the Myrtleford Football Club to probably kick 10-15
goals against them.

What is the game coming to when a club will pay an opposition player to put on a side show so they can just make some money?

get me wrong, Myrtleford coached by ex-Collingwood hard man Stan Magro,
will not make an impression in a strong Ovens and Murray league this

They are team building, a couple of years ago they were
getting slaughtered every week but at least Magro is getting them to win
a couple of games.

I wonder if they'll offer him a bonus on his $5000 if he kicks more than 10 goals.

This is walking down stupid street.