Crackers' Call: Dees sinking further into mire

Peter Keenan May 21, 2012, 3:03 am

Getty Images

It's probably time to put the boots into Melbourne again.

They had a big pre-season, they were going to play uncompromising football and their sights were firmly focused on the eight.

A new broom had gone through the place with poor old Dean Bailey punted because his eight-and-a-half wins last year wasn't up to it.

Garry Lyon ordained Mark Neeld because he came from the Mick Malthouse coaching box and everyone was excited.

Get onto the Demon express they were saying, if you don't you'll be left behind as the players have embraced the new regime, everything was great.

Eight weeks later everything is in tatters, there are rumblings about the CEO's job and it's even rumoured that Neeld told Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell that two of his senior players, Mark Jamar and Brent Moloney, won't listen to him.

I hope this isn't true because you shouldn't be sharing confidential information like that with an opposition captain, no matter how close you are.

Melbourne are quite simply a basket case.

Their recruiting has been below par.

Sure they can say Jack Watts had 34 possessions but who did he play on and did he affect the result as he also only laid one tackle along the way?

Melbourne might end up in 16th or 17th - or worse - and you simply cannot have that happen.

Other clubs that were in Melbourne's position have risen out of the ashes very quickly.

There is something on the nose at the club and the committee should identify it and get rid of it.

A few dreams were also shattered over the weekend.

Carlton's premiership credentials are firmly in question and North Melbourne's chance of making the eight was dealt a shocking blow.

Two games they were supposed to win they've been beaten in, against the Dogs at Etihad Stadium and Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.

At the start of the year North supporters would have put those games down for a win but now they'll be hard-pressed making the eight.

What North and Carlton's players should realise is that your football career doesn't last very long and you'll be out on your backside without playing much or any finals footy.

They've got to understand that footy is played 90 percent above the shoulders so toughen up boys and have a go.