Brisbane Lions coach Chris Fagan says it is not right that young players like Josh Schache are forced to make decisions over their future so early in their career.

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Alastair Clarkson supports the idea of AFL overhaul


VIDEO Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson is a supporter of the AFL's radical idea to overhaul the fixture. Source: 7 Sport Alastair Clarkson supports the idea of AFL overhaul

Teenager Schache has been dropped for Saturday night's clash against Adelaide and Fagan admitted speculation over where he might play next year has probably contributed to a drop in form.

AFL clubs currently sign draftees to two-year contracts but Fagan wants a mandatory increase to either three or four years, except when extenuating circumstances arise, to alleviate 'borderline ridiculous' external pressure on players.

"I particularly think for first-round draft picks, it should be three to four years at least before they can consider moving somewhere else, unless there's some extenuating circumstances," Fagan said.

"Clubs invest a lot in those first-round picks, and if you've got the opportunity to keep them for longer, guaranteed, from a club perspective, that would be fantastic.

"To be thinking about your future two years into a start at a new place and whether you want to go somewhere else is borderline ridiculous."

Fagan added that he and Schache hadn't discussed his future together.


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