Collingwood superstar Dane Swan is well-known for his tattoos, they cover his body literally from head to toe.

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Dane Swan's tattoo prank


But just what happened when the midfielder decided to cover up his body art in a prank aimed at his Magpies teammates?

After having body makeup applied by a team of artists, Swan turned into a cleanskin and stunned his colleagues at a team meeting.

"I got my first tattoo when I was 22 or 23, but got a bit carried away after that," Swan said.

"My ribs, and my stomach, and my knees probably hurt the most".

But will he keep the new look?

"The girls have told me I apparently look a lot younger so I have to keep them off!," he joked.

"I may need to invest into these two ladies [the makeup artists] to whip me up every morning."

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