On Thursday the public finally got to see the much-anticipated new AFL advertisement.

Set to become a staple on our television screens for the next year, debate on the final product has begun.

Starting on a rooftop in Latin America, the tone of the ad is set. This is going to have a very international feel, free from narration with amplified Strayan accents waxing lyrical about 'greatness'.

There were no emotive fan close-ups of jubilant highs and painful lows capturing the gripping drama of sport.

Forget Johnno throwing his meat pie and beer cup in the air after a Chris Judd goal. This went in a different direction.

In a caravan trailer located in god-knows-where a man in his dressing gown smacks his TV until the static clears to reveal the canary yellow of an AFL umpire bouncing the ball. And they’re off.

Taken across almost every continent we see seemingly random people surveyed on their thoughts of Aussie Rules.

"What sport is that?" some elderly Asian woman asks, according to subtitles. (Yes, this ad requires some light reading.)

Switching to beefy US gridiron players in a locker room, we then hear what Americans think of it.

"Fo real, you see yo teef hit the floor," says one gold-toothed player. Profound.

Then some guy getting a shave from a barber in – I’m going to say Europe? – jumps out of his seat admiring Demon Jeremy Howe’s Mark of the Year grab from last season.

The globe-trotting continues as an old captain on a fishing boat in remote waters showcases his television’s incredible reception to view Cyril Rioli bamboozling defenders, before we’re right back on an American street corner quizzing a group of adolescents.

Passing judgement on Carlton’s Andrew Walker taking his 2011 Mark of the Year, there’s the clichéd comparison to a big name athlete, in this case aligning Walker with basketball royalty.

"He jumps higher than LeBron," one hoodie-clad man proclaims.

Don’t it just make you warm and fuzzy knowing AFL has been praised by random Americans?

No? Well maybe some little kids in South America who stop playing soccer to imitate Walker, will.

Still nothing? One more American might do the trick as we’re transported to an unnamed bar full of cowboys.

As the advertisement comes to an end, there’s our Buddy Franklin kicking a goal. The rooftop man mimics his celebration, and one of those gridiron players attempts to signal a goal like the umpires, as we finally see the 2013 AFL slogan – "Wherever you’re from...There’s nothing like our game."

"Australia’s Game," the tagline reads.

Despite the familiar bagpipes of Acca Dacca (that’s AC/DC for the uninitiated) blaring 'It’s A Long Way To The Top' and the proud national sentiment in claiming this wonderful game is uniquely Australian, we see very little of actual footy.

There’s no footage of last season’s grand final, a nail-biting encounter that could whet the appetite of any true Aussie Rules fan, and get them pumped for the upcoming season.

Instead it comes off like we’re just trying to impress the popular kids – namely the USA, judging by how many times they’re shown.

But what do you think?

What are your thoughts on the new advertisement?

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