Explosive new accusations have been levelled at AFL club Brisbane Lions.

Self-confessed drug dealer Jason McGrath, cousin of premiership player Ash McGrath, has reportedly made inflammatory Facebook posts claiming drug use and match fixing at the club between 2002 and 2009.

News Limited reported Jason McGrath was ready to expose the alleged dodgy practices at the club, and claims he bet on a fixed match.

"If you don't think the drugs and match-fixing is real, I bet on the AFL and was involved in a game being fixed," he said.

The news organisation alleged six players who were regular users of speed, ecstasy and marijuana, four of which are current players.

Jason McGrath said members of the coaching staff during that period knew about the drug use.

He also alleged he was involved in a fixed match during the 2003 season, another spot fixing instance and would receive team news ahead of the public for the purpose of betting.

Jason McGrath claimed he supplied cocaine to a Mad Monday party of an undisclosed club, and that another player had been taken to hospital after a speed overdose.

Several players had also smoked marijuana at his home, he alleged.

Brisbane Lions CEO refused to be drawn into the allegations, and would not confirm whether they would investigate the claims.

"The Brisbane Lions do not comment on unsubstantiated allegations, rumour or innuendo," Holmes said.

The AFL has not yet responded to the claims.

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