The Weapon s lawyer speaks out on Bombers doping case
The Weapon's lawyer speaks out on Bombers doping case

Dean Robinson finally broke his silence today. In the wake of the drugs scandal that has rocked the AFL, Robinson’s lawyer told Seven exclusively that he didn't dope the Essendon Bombers.

The man known as 'The Weapon' has appointed leading QC David Gallbally, who spoke exclusively to Seven on his behalf.

"He has done absolutely nothing wrong," Gallbally said.

Gallbally says the scandal is taking its toll on his client.

"At this point in time he's a shattered man. And just overtaken emotionally by all the events that have happened.

"Robinson himself can't talk, he remains an Essendon employee on full pay pending the investigation, with legal sources raising mounting concern over the crime commission's case against Essendon.

"He can not and will not prejudice that investigation."

James Hird and Mark Thompson were back at training today. Hird spoke out amid allegations Essendon coaches may have doped.

"I just want the players to be cleared then we'll get on with the rest thank you."

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