Controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank has declared himself a 'scapegoat' in Essondon's supplement scandal but says all accusations are false.

Dank has been in hiding since the story broke but has reportedly spoken to ABC's 7.30 Report saying he never administered any illegal substances.

Dank's name has been linked to the scandal ever since Essondon approached the AFL with serious concerns about the substances being administered to their players.

"I mean, obviously, because I sort of managed the supplement program, I mean, obviously the finger was going to, I guess, be pointed in my direction."

"I've got no specific reasons why [people would accuse me], but obviously because of my involvement - and that was obviously an area that I was managing - if they were going to point the finger, they were gonna point the finger towards me."

The full interview with Dank will be aired on Monday night.

A source close to Dank told News Ltd that the sports scientist never used any illegal substances but operated within the rules and used mainly Vitamin B, Vitamin C and glutathiamine injections, which deliver antioxidants.

"Claims that Steve may have cheated at Manly are ridiculous," the insider said.

"He didn't go into peptides, he looked at DNA-profiling and the (Manly) club used injections with calves blood but that was never illegal.

"I can't see Dank helping out other NRL teams ... he did his own work."

Dank's lawyer did however comment on the case saying his client had been made a scapegoat.

"He stands, if i may use this phrase, as a sacrificial lamb, on the alter of sport, which this country worships and adores on a day to day basis," he said.

"Because persons, some known, some unknown, have chose to use his situation, his undoubted expertise, skill and knowledge to level against him, spurious, tenuous, unsubstantiated, unspecified allegations.

"Both he and his partner have suffered over the past 72 hours, a period of distress, of stress, of embarrassment, of ridicule.

"Dank stands a scapegoat, understand that very clearly, but his expertise skill knowledge will ultimately come to the fore."

Dank's wife refused to comment on the situation when approached.

“There’s so many more important things to be reported on, like the bushfires in Tasmania," she said.

“There’s so many important issues in this country. Children are being abused in the house around the corner and there are old people being abused and you’re coming and focusing on this? I’m baffled.”

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