Melbourne Demons players involved in rowdy scenes at the Boxing Day Test have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the club.

Jeremy Howe, James Frawley and Lynden Dunn were enjoying a day in the infamous Bay 13 at the MCG when they clashed with other spectators.

The Demons say the players left the ground voluntarily and were not evicted, as had been reported.

Former Demons forward Ricky Petterd, now with Richmond, was also cleared of any wrong doing by his club.

"They weren’t evicted from the MCG, there was a discussion taken place with security with the suggestion stay in the spot if you want to guys, or move to another area or go," said Demons coaching director Neil Craig.

"And they decided to leave in the end, so there is a different connotation to leaving versus being evicted.

"It was important to get all the information.

"That situation has opened up a whole range of topics which, once again, we use from a strong education/learning aspect about the life of an AFL player.

"Then you start to discuss topics of responsibility, accountability, perception, ripple effect in a footy club."

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