Take a look back at the events that led to today's hearing.

Under pressure from interest from the Gold Coast, Adelaide allegedly made a secret deal with Kurt Tippett that involves him getting a guaranteed $200,000 outside of his contract through third-party sources.

Tippett wanted out of Adelaide, but instead agreed to this deal alongside a second agreement that would let him leave in 2012.

It was believed that Tippett would want to return home to Queensland, either with the Gold Coast or Brisbane

Adelaide entered into a handshake agreement to allow Tippett to leave at the end of 2012 for a second round draft pick. Both these agreements were to be kept from the AFL.

Two letters were drafted, the first including the above agreements and the proviso to not tell the AFL, and the second excluding them by then football manager John Reid.

Two years passed and there was a chance for Adelaide to avoid this whole scenario by trading Kurt Tippett to the Lions at the end of 2011.

The Lions offered pick 12 and their end of first round compensation pick for losing Jared Brennan to the Gold Coast.

This offer was rejected by Adelaide, who still believed they could convince Tippett to sign a new deal and stay with the club.

Throughout 2012, there was speculation about Tippett's future - who was having an unhappy season suffering from three concussions. There were serious doubts about his health after the third one.

Once the season finished, it was all over for Tippett in Adelaide too. Then Tippett's manager Peter Blucher let slip about the trade agreement during trade week.

Tippett also shocked the football world, revealing that the Sydney Swans were his preferred destination. With that news came the names of who could be traded, but it ultimately came down to one deal on the table, Sydney's pick 23 and Jesse White.

Adelaide didn't really want White, but were hamstrung and eventually agreed to the trade. They mysteriously pulled out at the last minute before paperwork could be lodged, rumoured to be due to questions being asked by the AFL.

From there, Adelaide confessed and investigators from the AFL stepped in. In the end, 11 charges were laid against Adelaide, Tippett, Trigg, John Reid and Phil Harper.

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