Brenton Sanderson
Brenton Sanderson

Adelaide coach Brenton Sanderson believes rival clubs now have legitimate causes for concern with regards to clandestine player payments in light of the Kurt Tippett scandal that has engulfed the Crows.

The AFL confirmed Adelaide will front a commission hearing on November 30 to answer a raft of serious charges relating to potential draft tampering and alleged third-party payments to Tippett outside the salary cap.

The hearing was originally scheduled for Monday, but the league granted the Crows an adjournment to allow them more time to prepare submissions, which means they will be free to participate in Thursday's national draft.

But Adelaide are widely expected to feel the wrath of the AFL in two weeks' time, and that in itself is enough to make other clubs sweat, according to Sanderson.

"I probably shouldn't comment on other clubs, but I'm sure this is going to make a lot of other clubs nervous too," Sanderson said.

"There's a lot of greyness surrounding ASAs (additional services agreements) and how players are paid and stuff.

"So there's probably the other 17 clubs are just double checking and ensuring that everything's above board."

Sanderson denied that there was a strong sense of resentment toward Tippett amongst the Adelaide playing group regarding the way he has treated his former club and insisted the saga has galvanised his men.

"This has been something that they're going to have to work through," he said.

"We'll certainly get through it (and) from a coach and playing point of view (it's) certainly business as usual.

"There's different emotions amongst the boys, some are probably going to carry it for longer than others - the disappointment.

"But most of the guys I've spoken to one-on-one have (said), 'you know what? We're fine, we've got this'.

"The spirit amongst the playing group is outstanding. It doesn't feel like there's any disappointment amongst the playing group so much that you can notice it."

Meanwhile, the Adelaide coach reaffirmed the club's commitment to redrafting first-year player Nick Joyce on Thursday after the club was forced to delist him due to their inability to officially rid themselves of Tippett until after the hearing.

"He (Joyce) is a bit of a victim of circumstances to be honest, but he's been really mature about it for a 19-year-old in his second (pre-season)," Sanderson said.

"We've all but guaranteed him he's going to be on our list for next season.

"That's not an issue for him, or us, or his management ... we're very sorry for the way he's had to play this out.

"That wouldn't be our preference (to rookie list Joyce), but it is an option but he's a listed player and we hope to get him back on the list."


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