Kurt Tippett
Kurt Tippett

The AFL are ramping up their investigation into the contract Kurt Tippett signed with the Adelaide Crows three years ago, with the possibility the key forward could find himself deregistered.

Adelaide brought forward their concerns about the deal it signed with Tippett last week, with suggestions that the two parties had entered a separate agreement to trade Tippett to the club of his choice, without the knowledge of the AFL in 2009.

There are also suggestions that the Crows and Tippett deal may have involved additional financial compensation outside the salary cap, with the AFL reportedly seizing computer records from the Crows on Friday.

Tippett is set to find himself in limbo with the AFL insisting it won't rule on the matter before the closure of the trade window at 2pm on Friday.

But he faces an even greater punishment should he and the Crows be found to have contravened the League's strict player contract rules.

It is possible Tippett, 25, could find himself in football no man's land should he be deregistered in the same manner Greg Williams was in 1992. Williams was fined $25,000 and suspended for 11 weeks before resuming his career at Carlton.

Despite coming forward to the AFL with concerns about the deal when it became apparent that they would only be offered Jesse White and pick 23, Adelaide also face sanctions.


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