Ken Hinkley
Ken Hinkley

New Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley has brushed aside suggestions he won the Power coaching role by default after every other candidate pulled the pin on joining the embattled club.

Speaking on Monday at his unveiling, Hinkley made a strong declaration that he was the right man for the job from day one, despite Rodney Eade, Brett Ratten and Leon Cameron all being strongly linked with the position before being ruled out.

"I'm really excited to be given the opportunity," said Hinkley, who has agreed to a four-year deal at Alberton.

"I know that the club went through a process that they went through.

"It was a long process for the club to go through but I was (communicated with) very early on and in the very early stages of that I had a conversation with Keith," he said, referring to Port chief executive Keith Thomas.

"There was never any doubt in my mind. Sometimes these things happen and there is a reason for some people to come out at the top at the right time.

"And people have said, '(I'm the) last man standing', I've heard those comments, maybe I was the right man standing."

Hinkley, 46, said he was well prepared for the challenge.

"I have great confidence in what I do," he said.

"I think my track record, if you look over it, I've been involved in six premierships and the path to success and just recently been at the Gold Coast Suns.

"I've seen a blank canvas and the way it takes to build and it takes time to build and I understand what it takes to be successful."

Hinkley was not the only announcement from Port on Monday, as the club unveiled other new football department members in former Carlton assistant Alan Richardson as a coaching director and Darren Burgess as a high performance manager.

Burgess has most recently been with English Premier League club Liverpool after a stint with the Socceroos, with Thomas saying the signing of these two assistants in conjunction with Hinkley gives Port the right infrastructure to build long-term success.

The chief executive admitted that this infrastructure was not in place when former coach Matthew Primus started his time at the club after taking over from Mark Williams in 2010.

Hinkley, though, did not appear concerned with Port's dire recent history, the new coach saying that with key members of his football department in place, along with a new president in television presenter David Koch, the club had the right ingredients in place to go forward.

"It's a pretty simple recipe that you want," Hinkley said. "It's stability, it's confidence in what you do and it's trust.

"The number one thing for me that I've learnt (is) that the stability part of any football club is so incredibly important.

"There is a journey to go on, there is some ups and down in football as we all know but the important part about that is with Keith and David, is that we've got the support and we've got the stability at this football club now going forward.

"That's the number one thing we've got to have in football.

"All I know is I've worked really hard ... really hard ... and really committed to what I've been trying to do and I'm really pleased to be here."


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