Brad Scott
Brad Scott

Brad Scott doesn't care if the AFL come after him with a 'please explain' after the North Melbourne coach verbally abused Greater Western Sydney veteran James McDonald at quarter-time of their clash at Skoda Stadium on Saturday.

Scott was livid with McDonald after he ran through the back of an unsuspecting Jamie McMillan at the opening bounce of the match and let the former Demon know exactly how he felt when the two teams headed towards their respective huddles at the conclusion of the first term.

The Kangaroos boss was unrepentant on Monday for the way he acted and also criticised the umpires for the way they responded to the incident.

"If I do, I do. If I don't, it doesn't worry me," Scott said when asked if he thought he'd have to answer to the AFL.

"The reality is you look to the umpires to control the game and do their job but I'll never apologise for defending my players and I'll go in to bat for them 100 percent of the time.

"I was disappointed in what happened. I was disappointed in the response (from the umpires).

"My default setting is always to defend my players so I make no apologies for that."

Scott praised the disciplined way in which his players responded to the incident by not risking suspensions for themselves with the club's first final in four years taking place on Sunday against West Coast at Patersons Stadium.

"Our players responded as you would expect with discipline," Scott said.

"They know what's coming up this week so, they were disciplined, they focused on the ball, they focused on the contest and we didn't feel that was reciprocated in that occasion. That was disappointing from my end."

Scott also admitted he and his players were unprofessional in the lacklustre way they played against the Giants.

The North Melbourne boss admitted he and his players took their eye off the ball due to the fact they knew they had already sewn up a finals spot prior to Round 23.

If the Kangaroos beat GWS by considerably more than 28 points, as they were expected to do, they may have avoided a trip to Perth in the first week of the finals.

But now they cross the Nullarbor and face the Eagles in an elimination final instead of tackling Geelong in Melbourne.

"Call it whatever you like but the reality is once we confirmed our spot in the finals, even my thinking started planning for this moment and this week," Scott admitted.

"It is a test of your professionalism to stay in the moment, we didn't pass that test and that's part of our improvement as a footy side."


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