Lions celebrate
Lions celebrate

The Brisbane Lions have not yet earned the respect of the football world despite claiming their 10th win of the season in their final round game against the Western Bulldogs, according to Michael Voss.

Sunday's convincing 67-point win over the Doggies at the Gabba ensured the Lions will enter their next pre-season riding the momentum of three consecutive victories.

Having claimed some key scalps in 2012 - including finals-bound teams Adelaide and West Coast - it is clear that Brisbane have improved considerably from last year's four-win season.

But Voss said his men still have a long way to go until they are considered a serious football side.

"That's a continual journey. It's never a destination," he said.

"The moment you think that you've got that, this game has a good way of whacking you in the face.

"The biggest thing we need to be able to do is convince the people of Queensland is that we're a worthy team to come watch again.

Asked what the difference between Brisbane and the top sides in the AFL was, Voss was clear: "Sustaining it. From quarter to quarter, and across the whole season.

"It's a bit of a marathon - you keep hearing that, but it is.

"Being able to prevent lulls in your game and hanging on through the tough periods."

Regardless, Voss was still pleased with his side's return of 10 wins this campaign.

"History says that 12 games is what (gets you into the) top eight," he said.

"So probably, realistically, it's more that the competition seems to have moved (ahead) two wins, so it's probably about eight actually. But we'll take the 10.

"I hand it over to the players. It's more their credit to be honest.

"We could have been in a position five years ago where we gave the season away, and they didn't.

"We stuck at the task, wanted to follow through on a commitment that was made at that time, and probably way back to pre-season really - we've been able to achieve it.

"While we sit here and say that finals is always a measure of success, what you actually get from (that) is a measure of improvement, and progress is being made."


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