John Worsfold
John Worsfold

West Coast coach John Worsfold says he is glad he is not playing in the AFL today after Joel Selwood's reprimand for pushing brother Adam on Friday night.

The Geelong captain was running down the wing in his team's loss to West Coast when older brother Adam collided with him at full tilt in an incident which saw them both on the ground momentarily.

However, Joel got to his feet first and pushed over Adam, who was on all fours recovering from the bump.

The Match Review Panel handed down a reprimand for misconduct, feeling Joel had 'made unnecessary or unreasonable contact with an injured player'.

The reprimand cost Selwood 80 demerit points and leaves him on 84 carryover points for the rest of the season.

"I'm glad I'm not playing now, because it wouldn't be any fun watching from the stands," Worsfold said when asked if the AFL was taking the fun out of the game.

"I always believed that when I played the game, a lot of my bumps were fair. But the way the game is these days, I'd be in strife in that regard."

The reprimand follows the AFL's crackdown on head high contact and protection of injured players.

Worsfold said he was comfortable with the AFL's position and need to protect the players.

"The game's in pretty good shape, and everyone's aware that we're protecting the head of the players," he said.

"That's made it a very fine line about whether players face sanctions from the Match Review Panel with any bump now that may look like it was the only option a player had available but you've got to take responsibility."

Worsfold said the match review panel had made the correct decision.

"We can all see the fun in it," he said.

"His (younger) brother pushed him over and says 'you did your best to knock me over and I'm jogging off and you're still on the ground'.

"But in the letter of the law, the Match Review Panel has a responsibility to look after injured players, and that's the way they saw it."

Joel will remain eligible to win the Brownlow medal despite the incident.


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