Matthew Primus
Matthew Primus

Besieged Port Adelaide coach Matthew Primus has vowed to fight for his job in the wake of Saturday's 34-point loss to Greater Western Sydney.

An emotional Primus fought back tears at the post-match press conference, conceding the embarrassing defeat marked a dark day in the proud club's history.

And while there's strong speculation Primus will be sacked in the coming days, the 37-year-old made it clear he won't walk out on the club.

"Personally I do, yeah," a shattered Primus said when asked he still has the desire to coach the struggling Power.

"I feel gutted and pretty emotional about it all right now, but I believe in the group - we've got some strong people in there and a strong will, but at the moment we're not seeing it.

"We've had bad losses, but this is as bad as it's been in my time at the footy club.

"But we're going to delve deep into it and keep going."

Pressed on his chances of keeping his job for the rest of the season and beyond, Primus replied: "I can't answer that, it's not for me to answer. We'll find out I suppose."

The former ruckman added when asked if the GWS debacle had cancelled out any progress his side has made this season: "I've said all year we've improved, now that sounds hollow and it makes you feel sick saying that.

"So the group have come along in leaps and bounds since last year, but today just wipes all that out.

"It's like anything in life, you make steps forward and some forward progress, but it doesn't take much to push you backwards or wipe out the good stuff.

"There's been some good stuff, but today wiped out a lot of good stuff. For me, it really exposed our (lack of) resilience to stand up under pressure.

"AFL footy is a brutal game and we weren't good enough."

Primus defended his decision to storm out of the coach's box three minutes before the end of Saturday's game.

"I did it to compose myself I suppose and get a message ready to talk to the players about, what to say to them and how do we regroup, how do we get over this, how do we talk about this?

"Otherwise by the time you get down here it's 20 seconds before they get in here, so it was just to try and get ready for that."

Skipper Dom Cassisi said he is 'disappointed' and 'embarrassed' by the loss but expressed his support for the embattled coach.

"Matty's got our total support," Cassisi said.

"The way we played as a group, it essentially comes down to us a playing group and we've got to lift quick smart.

"We need to turn things around and work out why we're here - and that's to win premierships and play finals footy.

"Until we realise that - we should know it by now - we just need that burning desire to want to get up there real quickly."


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