St Kilda in no fat chicks slur
St Kilda in 'no fat chicks' slur

A female AFL fan has allegedly been told by a St Kilda player that their team was only interested in 'hot chicks' and that 'there should be a no fat chicks section' in their club contracts.

The young fan said the comments were made when she approached players to ask for a photograph while in Melbourne Airport last week.

She told the Herald Sun that the interaction left her feeling hurt and ashamed.

"Instantly my eyes filled up with tears," she said.

"Body image and how I look is important, so that comment, coming from someone who is in the public eye, made me feel like a monster.

"Now I think everyone around me is thinking those things."

St Kilda's head of football, Chris Pelchen, said there was some conjecture about the comments, but that the club had acted on the incident.

"The St Kilda Football Club can confirm we received a complaint from the mother of a young lady alleging comments were made by the players at Melbourne airport on Friday that upset her daughter," Pelchen said.

"The Club has spoken to the playing group, and while there is some conjecture about the comments, the Club is mindful that sensitivities need to be respected.

"The family involved have indicated their appreciation for the professional way the St Kilda Football Club has managed the matter."

St Kilda gifted the young girl a guernsey and made a donation to eating disorder charity, The Butterfly Foundation.

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