Guy McKenna
Guy McKenna

Guy McKenna has played down Malcolm Blight's new part-time coaching director role as the winless Gold Coast prepares to tackle Geelong on Sunday.

The decision to send Suns board member and dual premiership coach Blight downstairs to assist the football department has been met with a lukewarm reception by most fans and pundits.

Second-year coach McKenna, however, remains encouraged at the prospect of the South Australian legend dishing out advice from a different perspective.

Blight hasn't set foot in a coaching box since he was unceremoniously dumped by St Kilda 11 years ago, but McKenna is confident he will be a 'value-add' for the club.

"At football clubs you're all in the trenches together - and that's what happens, we spend 13 or 14 weeks in the trenches, and right now we're all working hard," McKenna said.

"But here comes Malcolm Blight, he can stand outside the trench and actually say, 'have you seen this, have you done that?'

"Training, for example, and I'm sure matchday - there will be things we're used to seeing that all of a sudden, he's going to see from a different side of things.

"He's going to throw up different ideas, different theories. I think it's a step in the right direction for sure."

Ideally, the right direction would involve a full-time senior assistant - like Rodney Eade at Collingwood or Mark Thompson at Essendon - rather than a part-time helping hand like Blight.

But money is tight for the Suns, who sit in the bottom three in the competition for their football department expenditure.

McKenna explained that the opportunity to work with Blight, who is also a director of the club, came about because he has fewer commitments this year.

He also revealed he has been seeking feedback from Blight for three years.

"At a board level I've constantly sought him out (for advice on) what we're doing," he said.

"He's basically sat at home and watched us from afar and it's certainly something we've spoken about (going back to the) 18s and VFL days.

"Now that he's here and he hasn't got those commentating commitments, he can come down.

"He'll sit and mentor the coaches and help out with our week-to-week on coaching the boys, and on matchday as well."

Looking at Sunday's match-up against the Cats at Metricon Stadium, McKenna said the addition of three key experienced players will give the 0-13 Suns a much better chance.

"The fact we've taken some kids out who have been under the pump and bringing back some solid citizens - Jarrod Harbrow, Michael Rischitelli and Campbell Brown - they add a bit of steel to the side," he said.

"It's just a great opportunity for us to test ourselves against the reigning premiers, who are bringing in (more) experienced players.

"We want to play against the best. The only way we can get better ourselves is to play against the best and compete for longer."


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