Umps miss deliberate rushed behind in first rules controversy

Umps miss deliberate rushed behind in first rules controversy

The umpires in last night's AFL pre-season opener ignored a crucial rule change in the fourth quarter of Collingwood's win over Essendon.

The league clarified the rule surrounding deliberate rushed behinds in the off-season, decreasing the area in which players can legally rush the ball through the posts.

Magpies defender Lynden Dunn, while being chased by the Dons' Ben Howlett, pushed the Sherrin through from a couple of metres beyond the goal square.

The umpires department confirmed Dunn's act was deliberate and should have been deemed as such, reports AFL Media.

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In accordance with JLT Community Series rules, umpires should have reset the play with a bounce at the top of the goal square.

The bounce will revert to the regular penalty - a free kick to the opposition in front of goal - for the final game of the pre-season and premiership season.

Although Dunn wasn't penalised, Essendon would soon benefit from a mistake by the former Demons defender.

His kick-in after the rushed behind went straight to Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, who played on and kicked a goal.