AFL touts new 'snicko' tech ahead of round one

The AFL will turn to a new ‘snicko’ inspired system to determine whether or not shots on goal hit the pots in 2019.

To be dubbed ‘AFL Edge’, the system will used microphone technology attached to the goalposts, combined with Hawkeye ball tracking to determine whether or not shots are on target.

According to, this system has been extensively tested at various grounds prior to its use in round one on Thursday night.

‘AFL Edge’ will come under the umbrella of the league’s score review system, with the score review official to communicate to the umpire on the ground what the system shows.

New ‘snicko’ technology, dubbed ‘AFL Adge’, will be introduced this season. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

The system will be in place at ‘category one’ and ‘category two’ venues, such as Marvel Stadium, the MCG, Optus Stadium and the Adelaide Oval.

Smaller venues, such as Hobart’s Blundstone Arena and Ballarat’s Mars Stadium, among others, will not have access to the technology.

Advancing technology

Predictably, fans had plenty to say about the change as soon as it was announced.

Many applauded the league for looking to solve a problem which had affected a number of massive games, notably the Showdown between Port Adelaide and Adelaide last season.

Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins admitted after the game that he believed his match-winning goal had shaved the post.