AFL great calls for umpire to be sacked over 'disgraceful' blunder

Melbourne great Garry Lyon has unloaded after a 'disgraceful' incident in Collingwood's fast start against Brisbane on Thursday night.

The Magpies raced out to a 27-point lead at quarter-time but their second goal of the night proved contentious.

Replays showed Brody Mihocek's kick grazed the post padding as it rolled through for a major.

Despite AFL rules declaring every goal is reviewed during the break in play, it was cleared and play continued.

The non-call raised questions about the purpose of the AFL's version of cricket's snicko, introduced this year at the biggest grounds.

But Lyon refused to let technology take the blame.

"You don't need the 'edge', we saw it with our eyeballs," he said on Fox Sports.

"They say that every goal is reviewed. I'll cut umpires slack every day for making a mistake in general play – (but) that's disgraceful."

In a forceful end to his rant, Lyon added: "When you're sitting up there and you've got access to reviews and replays like that, and you make a non-decision, you shouldn't ever get that job again."

Sydney coaching great Paul Roos was surprised the low angle shown on replay was seemingly ignored in the review process.

"I can't believe, with the amount of time that it takes to get the ball back to the centre square, surely someone's had to have a look at it and say 'this is not a goal'," he said.

"It was bizarre, really."

Collingwood added just 10 points to the scoreboard in the second quarter but held a 21-point lead over the Lions.