AFL boss's incredible gesture for diehard fan

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has made one Richmond fan's Grand Final dreams come true with an incredibly selfless act of generosity.

Fans flocked to the MCG on Saturday for the Bid Dance between Adelaide and Richmond, including some who didn't even have tickets.

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One such fan spotted McLachlan at The Killers gig on Friday night and told the AFL CEO how he'd missed out on tickets to the Grand Final.

McLachlan is a man of the people. Image: Getty

And according to Channel 7 commentator Brian Taylor, McLachlan gifted his own tickets to the lifelong Tigers supporter.

“A guy came up to him with his wife, and said ‘I am a life long Richmond supporter,’ and he started to break down at this stage, crying, got the tears out, and the wife’s there sort of consoling him,” Taylor said on Triple M’s Saturday Rub.

“He said ‘look I’ve been a lifelong supporter and I’m not gonna get the opportunity to go and watch this game. I can’t get in, I’ve got no tickets’.”

That’s when McLachlan made his dreams come true.

“Gillon had a bit of a pause and he said ‘listen mate, here’s my email address, you email me tonight and then you can come to my house and take my wife’s ticket, and my ticket, and we’ll bluff our way in being the boss of the AFL’,” Taylor said.

“He was there within 25 minutes at their house, took … [Gil’s wife] Laura’s ticket and Gil’s ticket, and they’re probably trying to talk their way in now as we speak.”

Take a bow Gill.