'It's unbelievable': Anger over 'ridiculous' AFL virus farce

Sam Goodwin
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Brian Taylor, pictured here slamming 'entitled' AFL players and WAGs.
Brian Taylor has taken aim at 'entitled' AFL players and WAGs. Image: Channel 7/Getty

Brian Taylor has taken aim at “entitled” AFL players and their families over some “ridiculous” requests from the league’s quarantine hubs.

The AFL are reportedly “fed up” after an avalanche of requests from players in hubs on the Gold Coast and Perth.

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AFL reporter Sam McClure reported last week that some of the requests revolved around food bills and renovation works in apartments.

Addressing the situation ahead of Essendon’s clash with GWS on Friday night, Taylor sent a major wake-up call to players.

“The sense of entitlement with some of these players is unbelievable,” Taylor said.

“I understand they’re compromised in many areas but understand the stress that the competition is going through, the financial stress, the fragile nature.

“Be happy that you’ve actually got a job, bite your tongue in this situation.

“Yes it’s nice to have an Au Pair or a dog walker or a gardener or someone to alter a wall in your resort room. (But) look around the world (at what’s happening).”

Taylor conceded the players and their families were making a huge sacrifice in order to keep the season going, but still thought they were in a fortunate situation compared to the average Joe.

“You have got a job, be thankful, they’re not being paid just 50% the players,” he added.

“They were being paid 100% for the first six months of the year (70% for the duration of the year).

“So just be thankful you’ve got a job.”

Reporter Tom Browne agreed to an extent but argued that the players should be given some leeway.

“We are getting to see the footy tonight with the cooperation of the players,” Browne said.

“I think the AFL’s doing a really good job with the hub.”

AFL umpires and players, pictured here arriving in Perth before entering a quarantine hub.
AFL umpires and players arrive in Perth before entering a quarantine hub. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

AFL ‘fed up’ with ‘ridiculous’ requests

McClure told the ‘Talk of The Town’ podcast last week that the league has said “enough is enough.”

“The AFL’s fed up, to be honest. They won’t want to say it, (but) they’re frustrated, they’re infuriated, they’re angry,” McClure said.

“There’s just too many things going on that shouldn’t be going on.

“Some of the requests – requests for apartments to be altered in some physical way.

“There have also been requests for the AFL to foot the bill of extra orders from Coles Express, even though food’s already provided to all the players.

“Players can’t be doing that when they would’ve been paying for their food if they were living back at home.

“We all know that they’re making an extreme sacrifice and we’re so grateful for that.

“But the AFL, make no bones about it, have told certain clubs that: ‘Enough is enough, let’s get on with it, the game is struggling enough as it is, some of the requests are ridiculous and let’s move on.’

“I think the AFL has made that pretty clear and I think you will find that’s come from the top.”