'Absolute joke': Confusion over 'embarrassing' score review bungle

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

UPDATE, 4:30pm: The AFL has posted a statement on their official Twitter account, declaring incorrect footage was not used to review Brody Mihocek’s shot at goal.

Fans and commentators at the time believed the score reviewers had used incorrect footage to come to a determination in Collingwood’s clash with Melbourne.

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The AFL refuted that suggestion, saying the incorrect footage was shown because of an error by the broadcaster.


Fans thought the umpires reviewed the wrong footage, examining the play one kick earlier, where Magpies forward Jordan Roughead’s own snap at goal was deflected a Demons defender and into the arms of Mihocek, who then took his own shot.

Commentators on Fox Footy quickly picked up on the error, but it was too little, too late for the umpires, who signalled a behind.

Field and goal umpires on the field called for a score review early in the clash between Melbourne and Collingwood, but little did they know the incorrect footage was used to make a decision. Picture: AFL/Fox Footy

While the bizarre review didn’t hurt the Magpies too much in the short term, with last year’s grand finalists holding a three goal lead at half-time, fans were quick to once again pile on the score review system.

Magpies fans, in particular, were more irritated than most, as it wasn’t the first time this season that Collingwood were believed to have been on the wrong end of the review system.

Back in round 11 against Fremantle, the Pies were victims of a similar incident, where the reviewing umpire referred to the wrong footage.

A Michael Walters goal was reviewed to check if it had been touched off the boot, but instead the umpires checked to see if it had been touched on the goal line.

It was incorrectly ruled a goal, prompting the AFL to issue a mea culpa in the days following the game.

A near identical incident to the Walters review happened during the West Coast-Western Bulldogs clash that same round, with the incorrect footage again used to determine if the ball was touched on the line, rather than off the boot.