Adorable Cheetah Cubs Get a Health Check at Australian Zoo

A set of three adorable cheetah cubs got a full health check at the Monarto Safari Park in South Australia.

Two of the cubs, a male and a female, were born to mother Qailee, Zoos South Australia, who manage the safari park, said. The third, another female, was born an only cub to Qailee’s sister Quella. With single births, mother cheetah’s usually fail to produce enough milk to feed the baby, so the cub was fostered to Qailee in an Australian first.

The three cubs were doing well and would be introduced to the public at four months old, Zoos South Australia said. Credit: Zoos SA via Storyful

Video transcript


- So first off, see if we can--

- Got it?

- Let me grab a--

- I'm gonna actually hold just there and they can hold on to that.

- Yeah, you can hold near the side.

- Yep. Yeah. Good. Now we didn't get bloods when she was--

- No.

- That's OK.

- OK.

- Sweet head.

- Hard to see the mantle. But--

- Yeah.

- --I'm almost certain, because I got a good look at the other cub--

- Yeah.

- --that the other cub is very similar.

- All right. Coming up.