Liverpool player red carded after trying to choke out teen

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is all about intensity, aggression and combativeness on a football field.

But he’s probably not too fond of a first-team player attacking a teenager from behind with a WWE-esque move best characterised as a choke.

If that is indeed the case, Adam Lallana didn’t exactly put in a great word for himself Monday on what was essentially a rehab assignment.

Playing against Tottenham’s reserves in an under-23 game, the 29-year-old Liverpool midfielder ambushed a player 10 years his junior like a fourth-grade bully would a second-grader on the playground.

Lallana seemed to snap after the 50-50 challenge. Pic: Getty

Lallana was, of course, sent off for the incident, which followed a 50-50 challenge for a header with 19-year-old George Marsh.

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But according to a report from ESPN, the red card won’t affect his availability for Klopp and the senior team.

The suspension tied to the violent conduct charge will apply to U-23 games only, per Football Association rules.

That means Lallana, who is recovering from a groin injury, would be eligible to play for Liverpool on Sunday at Southampton, his former club. But it’s unclear if he’ll be fit. And it’s unclear if Klopp would even want to feature him anyway.