The absurd amount Nadal, Federer and Djokovic earn per point

If you thought Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic earned a lot of money, wait until you see what they earned per point won in 2018.

Revealing new stats have shed a light on the absurd earning potential of some of the biggest names in world tennis.

Djokovic, who finished the year at World No.1, brought home a whopping $12,609,672 in 2018.

When you consider the fact that he won 5795 individual points throughout the year, it turns out he earned $2176 every time he won a point.

Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. Image: Getty

Compare that to Nadal, who actually won the most titles of any male player in 2018 (five compared to Djokovic’s four), the Spaniard earning $2024 per point won.

In third spot was Federer, who raked in $7.6million – at exactly $1491 per point.

But despite topping the money-making stats, Djokovic finished behind both Nadal and Federer for winning percentage.

Nadal topped that list at 91.8 per cent, winning 45 and losing just five.

Federer had an 82.8 winning percentage, while Djokovic’s was 81.5 per cent.


Djokovic – $2176

Nadal – $2024

Federer – $1491

A. Zverev – $1288

Del Potro – $1145

Anderson – $800

Cilic – $871

Thiem – $763

Nishikori – $734

Isner – $696


Nadal – 91.8%

Federer – 82.8%

Djokovic – 81.5%

Del Potro – 78.3%

A. Zverev – 75.3%

Thiem – 73.0%

Anderson – 71.2%

Cilic – 67.7%

Nishikori- 67.2%

Isner – 60.7%