The Absolute Best Type Of Tomato For A Sturdy BLT

blt sandwich
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A BLT is one of the most popular sandwich types out there. At its most basic form, all you need are three ingredients — the bacon, lettuce, and tomato, of course — but it's also the perfect vessel to expand upon, adding avocado or sprouts, or finding the right sauce to complement the main ingredients.

But if you're making your own BLT at home before you can get to the fun part of customizing it exactly to your liking, first you need to get the key ingredients right — including the tomato, which, if it's too soggy, can really bring down the sandwich. So, what type of tomato is best for a sturdy BLT?

You want to look for either beefsteak tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes, as both have firm and meaty textures that are perfect for the BLT. For the very best outcome, you'll want to pick these tomatoes while tomatoes are in season — approximately May through October — which will yield the juiciest fruits (but not too juicy, if you pick the right type of tomato).

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Ways To Upgrade Your Next Homemade BLT

ripe beefsteak tomatoes
ripe beefsteak tomatoes - Eurobanks/Getty Images

Once you've found the perfect tomato, it's time to focus on your other ingredients. Tasting Table's guide on how to build a better BLT recommends reaching for butterhead lettuce instead of the too-watery iceberg and prioritize getting your hands on thick-cut bacon so it doesn't get lost in the rest of the sandwich. If you want to switch up the bacon, you can opt for the healthier (but just as delicious) turkey bacon, or even a plant-based version to make the sandwich vegetarian-friendly.

Then, after you've chosen your main ingredients, you can decide if you want to add anything else to the mix. Avocado is a common addition to BLTs, making it even more hearty and filling — plus, avocado lovers will be pleased with how well the avocados blend with the other flavors of the sandwich. Another popular addition is a fried egg, which will add in some delicious protein and provide an eggy sauce if cooked sunny side up or easy.

Speaking of sauces, a good condiment is the perfect way to upgrade a BLT without having to load on extra ingredients. If you're looking for some spiciness, Tasting Table's sweet heat BLT uses homemade hot honey to enhance the classic sandwich. Or, you could opt for a homemade aioli option, such as a garlic aioli, or, for another spicy option, a chipotle aioli. Or, maybe you just want to stick to mayonnaise, a classic choice -- and you can make a homemade mayo for the freshest version of the condiment.

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