Bradley Cooper Makes Surprise Cameo in Abbott Elementary’s Post-Oscars Episode — Read Recap

Before he was an Oscar-nominated actor, Bradley Cooper co-starred in the ABC drama Alias, and on Sunday night, the Maestro star/director returned to the network’s primetime lineup on Abbott Elementary.

Cooper made a surprise appearance during the opening scene of Sunday’s special post-Oscars episode, when one of Melissa’s students brought in the actor for Show & Tell. Cooper explained that whenever he’s in Philadelphia, he likes to get a hoagie at the deli across the street from the school.

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“Are you in Spider-Man?” another student asked, to which Cooper responded that he’s in Guardians of the Galaxy. Mr. Johnson didn’t believe him, so Cooper broke out his Rocket Raccoon voice.

Melissa noted that he was also “the face of Alias,” which Cooper disputed. “Yeah, you were to me,” Melissa added.

The rest of the staff then chimed in with their favorite Cooper movies: Janine picked He’s Just Not That Into You (which Cooper said was more Justin Long’s movie), while Jacob declared that he’s been “a Cooper Trooper” since Wet Hot American Summer.

And in classic Barbara fashion, the kindergarten teacher got her actors/movies confused: “I just loved you in The Holdovers. It was just so heartwarming.”

“It’s The Hangover, and no, it’s not,” Gregory corrected her.

So which critically-acclaimed movie was Cooper actually in? “Oppenheimer,” Melissa declared. (Guess she didn’t watch the Oscars.)

When Cooper pointed out that he’s not in that one either, Ava replied, “Are you sure? Everybody was in Oppenheimer.” (She’s not wrong!)

After partaking in a selfie, Cooper was finally freed to get his hoagie, and every future Show & Tell was doomed to be a disappointment.

Abbott Elementary fans, what did you think of the surprise cameo?

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