Big East suggests ‘2-or-none’ solution to ‘1-and-done’

Star talents including DeAndre Ayton, Mohamed Bamba and Trae Young are the latest crop of one-and-dones to make the early leap to the NBA. But if it were up to one of the top basketball conferences in America, college basketball fans would either get another year to watch them, or not see them on the amateur level at all.

Big East suggests ‘2-or-none’ solution to ‘1-and-done’

Big East suggests ‘2-or-none’ solution to ‘1-and-done’

The Big East has recommended a new two-or-none rule to replace the current one-and-done system, allowing players to either make the jump to the NBA from high school, or stay in college at least two years.

Other suggestions made by the Big East to the NCAA's commission on college basketball include:

- Centralized control and efficient evaluation of pre-collegiate prospects beginning in 2019
- Apparel company contracts with coaches and administrators should be paid through the university rather than apparel companies directly
- Allow basketball student-athletes to have agents under a strict, redefined framework
- Aggressively enforce penalties for rules violations
- Greater collaboration from NCAA and USA Basketball in non-scholastic (AAU) competition

“The journey of men’s basketball players as they move from youth basketball, to high school and/or travel teams, to college basketball, and then to the pros is ripe for overhaul,” Big East commissioner Val Ackerman said. “Our recommendations are designed to help improve the pathway for these young men as they pursue their dreams and to solidify the future of a great sport that, as March Madness always shows, is embraced passionately by universities and fans around the country.”

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The Big East's recommendations follow the NCAA's call for member conferences to provide feedback for the commission on college basketball.

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