Team NZ to tolerate America's Cup plan

Team New Zealand have given a half-hearted tick of approval to government plans for the 2021 America's Cup on home soil.

The most recent plans, presented to Team New Zealand last week, will see the extension on Auckland's Halsey Street Wharf - the planned location of Team New Zealand's base - reduced from 75 metres to 45.

Another base on nearby Wynyard Wharf will host Cup challengers.

Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton was hardly pleased by the measures and said serious kinks still needed to be ironed out of the plan.

A number of private firms needed to relocate assets from the area, a process with which government was assisting, and timeframes needed to be confirmed.

But they believed the plan could eventually work, and were willing to sacrifice to see the Auld Mug defended on their Auckland home patch.

"None of this is ideal but we will continue to work through the challenges in an effort to see the America's Cup hosted in 2020-21 in Auckland," Dalton said.

"It's where our home is and where our heart is.

"Council and government have their own challenges and we recognise that they are doing their utmost to meet them."

Dalton said Team New Zealand would communicate the updated plans to the confirmed 2021 Cup challengers at a meeting in Europe later this month.

He also expressed his ire with Economic Development Minister David Parker, who had allegedly promised the team a permanent Hobson Wharf base.

Mr Parker, however, said in a statement that he only promised Dalton a "prime position" that wasn't on Wynyard Wharf.

"The Point-Halsey options meets that pledge," the statement said.

He also said a consent application would now be lodged for the construction of bases on Wynyard Wharf and for Team New Zealand at Halsey Wharf.

Italian syndicate Luna Rossa is the challenger of record for the 2021 event, while Ben Ainslie Racing and the New York Yacht Club will also contest.

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