Games staff, fans injured by flying debris

Sixteen Pyeongchang Games staff and spectators have been injured as strong winds ripped through Olympic venues, causing considerable damage to installations.

Several events were postponed or rescheduled, including Nordic combined, biathlon and Alpine skiing while more than 60 tents were damaged by high speed winds as organisers warned of flying debris.

"Sixteen people had slight injuries, 13 were operational staff and three were spectators," Games spokesman Sung baik-you told reporters on Thursday.

"They suffered light injuries, were treated and then sent home."

The wind ripped tents, signposts and steel fencing off their base and sent them flying through the Olympic park.

"We have some facility props flying around. We had 60 tents slightly damaged," Sung said, adding 120 pieces of steel fencing were also damaged by the winds.

"Yesterday we took preliminary measures. From 0600 this morning the wind speed was between two to five metres per second and so things have returned back to normal."

While calm returned along with glorious sunshine to the Olympic venues on Thursday, the spread of the norovirus that has hit mainly security staff showed no signs of abating.

More than 200 people have now been infected with the virus, also known as the "winter vomit bug" but no athletes so far, according to organisers.

The virus had broken out in the leadup to last week's opening ceremony and led to about 1200 security staff being quarantined. Organisers had to call in military personnel to replace them.

"Now we have additional cases of 33 people. There are additional cases in Gangneung," Sung said.

"We will see this afternoon how many people have now been diagnosed."

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