First-lap crash sparks bitter feud between F1 teammates

An angry Daniil Kvyat has hit out at the stewards and his own Toro Rosso teammate, warning Carlos Sainz he should "keep his distance" after the pair collided during the British Grand Prix.

First-lap crash sparks bitter feud between F1 teammates

First-lap crash sparks bitter feud between F1 teammates

The Russian said he had disagreed with the drive-through penalty he was given for causing the first lap crash and told Spaniard Sainz to steer clear of him.

He added that his teammate should share the blame and could have helped them avoid a collision if he had understood the situation better.

The accident, in which Kvyat went off-line and then re-joined, forced Sainz into instant retirement, but left Kvyat with a damaged car and facing penalties.

Sainz and Kvyat. Image: Getty

"The driver knows when he sees what happens to me, that he's never going to be on the perfect line," said Kvyat.

"So when you put yourself there you know the collision is 90 per cent unavoidable.

"If the other car had been more anticipating of things, he would have tried to get me back on the next straight, but it didn't happen.

"He just put himself there and said to his teammate 'ok, you can crash into me'.

"That's what I believe. We should both feel responsible for what happened."

He added that the penalty was too harsh and said: "The punishment was for leaving the track and re-joining unsafely, but I didn't leave the track -- me and the team agreed on that.

"I'm not very happy and I was completely upset when I received the news about the penalty. I believe this is racing -- not ballet dancing, exactly what I said on the radio."

Sainz said he did not want to comment on the incident.

"I'm not going to give my opinion about it because I think it's something that needs to be kept internally and analysed internally," he said.

"The images speak for themselves so I'm not going to comment.

"When you give each other space and you leave two car lengths, like I did, for him to rejoin, there's nothing really to comment..."

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