Tour de France stage winner has epic kiss fail
Tour de France stage winner has epic kiss fail

If Vincenzo Nibali enjoyed a confidence boost after winning Stage 2 of the Tour de France, he certainly lost it when he was left red-faced on the podium after an epic kiss snub.

Nibali received the Yellow Jersey for claiming the second stage of the tour and took to the podium to grab his awards, flowers and a stuffed lion, as well as the traditional kisses on the cheeks from the ladies flanking the podium.

After landing a kiss on the first woman, Nibali turned to other side but was cold, hard rejected.

Nibali handled the situation well and rather than embarrass the podium woman, pretended to adjust his collar.

The snub was clearly unintentional as the podium woman was turning around to receive the stuffed lion to give to Nibali.

However, you can't blame him for going in for the kiss too early on the glamorous woman.

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