With the 2014 Winter Olympics just days from getting underway in Sochi, alarming reports over living conditions out in the host city on the Black Sea coast continue to filter out.

And in possibly the most revolting one yet, a reporter who has flown in from the United States to cover the Games has provided a shocking account of the state of her hotel for the next couple of weeks:

When water was finally restored, Stacy St. Clair of the Chicago Tribune soon wished that they didn't bother:

That's right: What looks like stale urine or, at best, a really really terrible whisky is emerging from the taps of one Sochi hotel being used to house overseas visitors there for the Olympics.

Suddenly, the frustration of overpriced services in London hotels during the 2012 Summer Games seem pale in comparison.

Stacy St. Clair’s frightening discovery in Sochi comes hot on the heels of the BBC's Steve Rosenberg tweeting a shot of the ‘twin toilets’ in use at the men's biathlon centre:

And the 'trend' of winter sports’ showpiece fortnight taking place in a very dangerous, borderline uninhabitable environment, was soon all over social media, with numerous Sochi tourists sharing their own experiences:

This story originally appeared on Yahoo! UK

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