A boxer has been suspended after clearly taking a dive in a fight against a former NFL star.

Nicholas Capes was at a big size disadvantage as he took to the ring against former Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards.

After circling the ring for 13 seconds, Capes flung himself dramatically to the ground when a punch was finally thrown in his general direction.

The Secretary of State of North Dakota, Al Jaeger, has now suspended the fighter who hails from Iowa.

"As we move ahead, we'll take appropriate action as the investigation review unfolds,'' Jaeger told The Forum.

Capes was drafted into the fight as a last minute replacement. Traditionally he fights as a cruiserweight and did not realise the scale of his task before stepping into the ring with the much bigger Edwards who fights as a heavyweight.

The events promoter, Cory Rapacz, admitted he felt guilty about the whole incident.

"I feel terrible for him," Rapacz told WDAY-TV.

"He got scared and looked for a way out."

It was the third fight of Edwards' career after six years playing American Football in the NFL.

He has won all three fights.

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