On Friday night, the East Coast Musicians hockey team was set to face off with the Canso Academy (Nova Scotia) students and staff for a fundraiser game to benefit the school.

During the event, there were three opportunities to hit a shot from just beyond center ice to win $US5000. One chance was taken by 9-year old Tyson Greencorn, who plays for Canso's atom squad.

Tyson's shot started off not the way he wanted, by slipping just as he released the puck, but the ending was perfect:

Did the little slip actually help him? We may never know. But he's now a local legend in Canso, and also a tad bit richer.

But little Tyson wasn't the only one to score big over the weekend.

Notre Dame senior Casey Murdoch secured an $US18,000 pay day after nailing the State Farm half-court shot in just two attempts.

The amazing effort was part of ESPN's College GameDay during Notre Dame's clash with Louisville.

It was an impressive feat, as only three people have ever made the shot in GameDay history.

Truly it was a weekend for the little guys in sport.

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