A hockey association in the US has resorted to a controversial method of raising money - a raffle offering 200 guns.

North Dakota's West Fargo Hockey Association is hoping to raise $90,000, but formulated a unique approach to reaching that target.

After experiencing a 20% increase in membership and required more ice, and more money, the association decided to stage a raffle. But not just any old raffle with a meat tray.

No, they've chose to raffle off guns; a staggering 200 of them.

The different weapons, which include an assortment of rifles and hand guns, according to the association, winners of any firearm must be at least 18 years old and meet "federal firearm requirements to receive or possess firearms."

At a time when the gun debate has raged since the horrific Newtown massacre in the US, the raffle has generated outrage around the world because of chances of winning are rather high with only 4000 raffle tickets are available.

Though organisers say the raffle was organised well before the Connecticut shootings.

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