It's the first week of January and about 12 sides reckon they can win the premiership.

The Swans believe they can go back to back because Pike will improve, they hope Mumford will have an injury free year and other teams won't be able to stop Lewis Jetta.

So they'll be cheering for the red and white again later this year.

West Coast meanwhile are rumbling, they've got a newly constructed forward line, their big blokes are in great form and their backline is very solid.

Blokes like Will Schofield are improving, so they should be optimistic.

The Crows had a very good year, they've all bonded since Tippett left and they'll do it for their disqualified CEO Steven Trigg.

They're ready, just ask them.

At Collingwood the window of opportunity still exists.

They've got the big Q-Stick, Quinten Lynch, who can go into the ruck and do a better job than Dawes did last year.

Swanny has probably got more ink and that will improve him.

They will be desperate, especially after their coach of many, many years has gone to the dark side called Carlton.

Of course then there's the Hawks.

Buddy's running around with a beard, he's getting long in the tooth, while Cyril has got to have a redeeming finals series.

Their window is still open but some people are starting to question it.

This is supposed to be their year, but last year was too.

And what about Carlton?

They cleaned out Ratten in order to install the great Micky Malthouse.

I saw him out to dinner recently, Kernahan, Gleeson and Malthouse all with their spouses.

They seem to be a very happy club at the moment and Mick has three years to win a premiership.

Can he do a Tommy Hafey like in the 70s and take them from outside the finals to a grand final?

The Blues faithful will be hopeful.

The big gun Chris Judd is out of the leadership group, concentrating on footy because he knows his career is winding down.

Then there's Essendon.

They reportedly paid $850,000 a year for Brendon Goddard and while he has played in a couple of grand finals is he going to win them a premiership?

Of course if they don't do well impatient Essendon supporters might start questioning the tenure of coach James Hird.

In the last half of the year North Melbourne, the working man's club, showed quite good form so Kangaroos fans should be optimistic of maybe even a top-four finish.

No one can discount the old Cats, even though they've lost Scarlett, who has gone to play with his mates in the local league.

They are also getting a little bit grey around the muzzle but they are still a very accomplished footy side with some youngsters putting their hand up so they could still be dangerous.

And Fremantle, will the Ross Lyon plan work for them?

They will start to run out of time soon with their big ageing ruckman Sandilands getting the wrong side of injuries and age.

As for the rest, I might be wrong but they could actually book their holidays come September, even if all of them would tell you that their list is as good as it's ever been and that people will get a real shock this year when they run out on the ground.


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