Snooker legend Tony Drago was a household name back in the 1980s and 90s, and Malta's greatest sporting export has been trying to get back to the top level of the sport for the last couple of years.

But his comeback suffered a bizarre setback this week at qualifying for the German Masters, when an extraordinary sequence of events saw him lose the plot completely and start banging himself in the head.

Drago was trailing fellow veteran Alan McManus in the deciding frame of their match, and had just pulled off the second of two snookers he needed to give himself a great chance of winning the match.

But just as he seemed set to wrap things up, he missed a simple shot on the pink to hand the advantage back to the Scot.

Infuriated, he charged over to his opponent and conceded the match with an outstretched hand. McManus was declared the winner despite the frame still being up for grabs by either man, with 13 points the difference between the two and 18 points still available.

Drago instantly regretted his rashness and tried to retract his concession after a word with the referee - though in order to be scrupulously fair to his opponent, he insisted that the referee check with McManus to make sure he was happy to play on.

McManus was having none of it, however: he refused to let Drago change his mind, quickly telling the referee that he would insist on accepting the concession and heading off to pack up.

Drago, clearly enraged at McManus's lack of sportsmanship, returned to his corner angrier than ever, even banging the side of his head several times to try and cool his temper.

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