Aussie cricketer warned for cocaine use
Aussie cricketer warned for cocaine use

Cricket Australia have cautioned an Australian cricketer over cocaine and alcohol use, reports The Australian.

The cricket governing body were alerted to an incident involving a prominent cricketer’s use of cocaine and alcohol last year.

Although the leading Australian cricketer admitted to partaking in the illicit substance, the player did not test positive and has been unofficially warned over the incident by Cricket Australia.

Because it was the player’s first offence, his name will be withheld. Cricket Australia were unwilling to give any further details.

"We are not in a position to comment - our principle is confidentiality," a Cricket Australia spokesperson told The Australian.

"The first response to a positive test, which we haven't had, would be in theory to work with the player in a confidential, professional and appropriate and medically focused manner."

It’s reported that the cricketer does not have a drug problem, he has since received counseling, and has ceased any similar activity to date.

If the player is involved in another drug-related incident, he stands to face further sanctions from Cricket Australia.

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