AFL star Shaun Burgoyne slams boxer Anthony Mundine comments as disgraceful
AFL star Shaun Burgoyne slams boxer Anthony Mundine comments as 'disgraceful'

Controversial boxer Anthony Mundine has been blasted for his racial comments on rival Daniel Geale at a press conference on Wednesday.

AFL star Shaun Burgoyne, who has Aboriginal ancestry, has labelled the comments "disgraceful" on social networking site Twitter.

Mundine sparked outrage when he questioned Geale's indigenous background and the fact that Geale's partner was white.

"You people don't realise how resilient I am, I see what you're trying to do, the media, the white press ... you want me to be the bad boy, I'll be the bad boy," Mundine said.

"I thought they wiped all Aborigines from Tasmania out, that's all I know.

"I don't see him representing us black people, or coloured people. I don't see him out in the communities doing what I do with people ... he got a white woman, white kids."

Burgoyne, who plays for Hawthorn in the AFL, wrote on Twitter: "Anthony Mundine's comments about Geale's heritage, wife & kids were disgraceful."

Back at the press conference Geale said: "I've shown the Aboriginal flag on my trunks for a lot of my fights, I am very proud of my heritage from down in Tasmania.

"It's stupid what he says, but that's the role he plays and that's why most people these days, when he starts off with his rants, they switch off. I know I switch off.

"A lot of people wanted me to take this fight because they're sick of him, they want his career to be finished and they want him to stop saying stupid things."

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